From a 7950 to a 7950(x2) crosfire (copy)

i am think about buying a second 7950 but my question is how much preformens gain do you get from it ?

this is a link to my computer build :


i am aware of the fact that i should upgrade my PSU


( i am also aware of the fact that this i my second post on this forum but in the topic build a PC if this is not allowed pleas say it and i will remove this one but the reason why i do this is because a found a super deal for a 7950 and need a answer fast )

Well, I don't have two 7950's, but two 7870's can show under or above a GTX Titan on certain games.  I suppose it really depends on that. When I say Under it can be as close as 5 to 8 Fps.

here is a link to benchmarks techpowerup did


please review the review and make your decision accordingly.