Frist Build

In the middle of having everything for my first build and I would love suggestions on stuff like the motherboard.
So far this is what I have:

Case - Bitfenix Ghost ATX Mid Tower

CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE

PSU - XFX 550W Core Edition

For the motherboard I'm thinking about getting the MSI 970A-G46.

I've seen somewhere that the 965 can use 140w when overclocked, if this is true can this mobo handle it?

yea, that'll be fine, but why the phenom? either get one of the newer ones (which are only 95 tdp on full load) or get an intel one. the x4 is just not a good buy...what is your budget by the way. and what are you gonna use your build for? gaming? 

That phenom is fine its the same or better then the fx 4300 and its low cost.  Get an after market cooler like a hyper 212 and overclock it will perform fine.