Friend's PC Build - Please Review!

So my friend is receiving a large amount of money, and has asked me to build a "gaming" PC with some of the money. He gave me a budget of £1000, so here's what I got together:





Deditated Wam:



Optical Drive:


This totals to about £950, thanks for any replies!

Does your friend do editing or rendering? if he doesnt he doesnt really need the 4770k, he might aswell go for the 4670k and save some money, and you could use that money for a higher quality PSU. The PSU is fine and will work, but personally I think you should never cheap out on the PSU. and instead of 2x4GB sticks you could go for a single 8GB stick (RAM).

The build I think would be really great:

Make sure you get a 2x4GB kit to take advantage of dual channel ram performance. Ram speed also won't matter since its not an apu. Grab whatever kit of 2x4GB is cheapest.

You never said anything about an o.s. so I didn't include one.

The case is something I like but just change it to one that you like.

The ssd for a boot drive and HDD for games and such. If he ever needs/wants more storage in the future he can just grab another 1TB HDD. 

You don't really need to get an optical drive because you can download all the latest drivers from the internet but since you included one I also included one. 

Don't skimp out on the PSU. That can end horribly. I chose a gold certified fully modular for better cable management and because of it being more power efficient. 

The gpu for running multi monitors if he wants, and it can also handle ultra settings on games. 

Cpu for good multitasking + games are starting to utilize more cores. You get a very capable 8 core Fx-8350 on a AAA motherboard with a soild phanteks cooler. Lots of room to overclock. Then you get a low cas set of 2x4gb ram. All with a monster R9 290 with a superb Asus Direct CU2 cooler.