Friend's $900-$1000 build

Ok dipshit time to look at the actual amazon or newegg pages and guess what, that website is recycling old pictures because the new windforce 3 is more blocky, and has a giant windforce 3 logo across it. Look at the amazon or newegg website and you can obviously see the product that is actually being sold has a black pcb. newegg also takes there own in store product pictures instead of the ones the manufacture sends them.

The cooler on those thing looks worse than the box my 990FXA-ud3 came in. box

Not to mention Arma 3 would absolutely wreck an APU

That board is 4+2 vrm, that is not capable of comfortably handling 125 watts. Would you be comfortable putting a 8350 on that board? Because that processor draws the same amount of power as a  8350 would.

I have no idea why you would use an APU at this budget.

Yes it does. Look on Asus' site. it supports 125w cpus.


If ARMA III is one of his favorite games to play, then its better to go intel.

The arma game engine is realy bad codded, and has a realy bad multi threaded optimization. This is an particular game, that favours intel's single core performance. It just performs bad on an AMD cpu, even with a GTX780Ti it still sucks. Because the arma game engine leans more on the cpu then the gpu.

Its just something to keep in mind. If he does not care much about arma, and he is playing, alot more diffrent games then that. then i would say jump the AMD FX8320 or FX8350 route.

Thats the reason why i gave an AMD and Intel build option above.

Grtz Angel ☺

It supports it but its no where near comfortable. It would run way hot compared to a proper board.