Friend's $1500 Gaming Build

Hey guys!

After taking some opinions, here's a $1500 build for my friend who will be doing light video editing and gaming.

If you have any suggestions for better components, feel free to tell! He won't be picking up parts until a few weeks from now, so I can always change things around.



why dont go for a AMD?

He plans on using a few programs that utilize CUDA acceleration, including some Autodesk applications and a program he will be using for stop motion animation.

Like this

No really I just recycled another build I suggested on the forum (first PC build for $900) but swapped for a Noctua cooler, blu ray drive and added the Peripherals and graphics from OP's post, chose the monitor I have at home because its great and a good price.

Modified SheepInACart's build.  Trying to keep it under 1500,

How does this AMD processor compare against the Intel Core i5? I see it has more cores, but I'm not really sure what advantages that has (never really used AMD parts for builds, except for a budget APU build).

AMD has weaker single core performance against Intel, but has stronger multi-threaded performance.

It performs about the same as an i5 in games, with the i5 winning in some and the 8350 in others.

8350 has more power draw

For about the same price, you can get a nice motherboard with the 8350 compared to an Intel i5 + budget z87 board.

The 8 cores will also help in his video editing.