Friendly trace route post

Howdy folks, in my testing (which I did 6 years ago) I have found that pings ussually travel at about 40% the speed of light (within russia). But over the years I have nocticed that pings have really started to slow down…


6 years ago a 42ms a ping would ussually travel 6,300 km. 42ms was enough to get all the way from St. Petersburg (stone’s throw from finland) all the way to Vadivostok (stone’s throw from Japan). 80+ ms there and back (ping).

Now 42ms its more like 0 km, fascinating stuff.

Edit: oh and Happy New Year to everyone, wish you all the best. We are all in the same boat after all.


Neat pretty cool info.

Its all that packet inspection they’re doing on the back end :troll: