Friend Build Second Opinion

My mate is looking to get a new pc and would like it for gameing and fast surfing and i just want a second peir of eye to view the build to make sure it all good 



if you get free windows 8 (sort of ligit), you can get a 660

edit: whats with the i5p? does it proform similarly?

cheaper and performs just as well from what i have seen just does not have a internal Graphics

cool, you have seen the semi-legit windows 8 right?

I thought it would be a good idea to add an aftermarket CPU cooler so i chose the coolermaster hyper 212 EVO, this is an amazing cooler for the price (£26) and it keeps most builds close to what water cooling would. i have also swapped out the video card for something a couple of quid more, the XFX Radeon 6870. in my opinion its better than the GTX 650 for gaming. other than that it seems like a solid build.


thanks everyone i lets him see it and see what he says lol