Fried PCI Slot?!

The other day I booted up my pc, and it would only get power. It booted up to windows after I hit reset, but I made the mistake of powering it back down. The next day it did the same thing, but I couldn't get it to boot up. Thought I fried the card, I have been overclocking it. Checked RAM, CMOS battery, etc. everything checked out. So today I ran it over to a friends and plugged it into his pc. It ran just fine on the Witcher 2 etc. This was after I swapped cards for my old 6750. The 6750 was having the same problem. So I think at this point it is safe to assume that my pci slot died.

I think I will pick up a decent mid-range z77 mobo this time. One with the fancy error code display and CMOS reset button so I don't have to pop my gpu out to pull the battery.

Does anybody have any suggestions on a good board for around ~150 USD?

Current build:

i-7 ivy bridge

HD 7870

3 HDD's

2 Optical drives

2x8G RAM

MSi Z77a G-43 mobo

I want to get this back in working order so I can put my card under water. Slightely biased towards MSi, but heard good things about gigabyte boards. 

what do you wanne spend on a motherboard?

I want to keep it under $150 dollars. If I can find one with a clear cmos button that would be great. Probably would go a little higher just for that.

Asus P8-Z77-V PRO 12+4 powerphase digi vrm. board is on sale right now.

Asrock Z77 Extreme 6. 8+4 powerphase digi vrm

If i would give you good advice take a look at that Asus P8-Z77-V Pro. it realy has a decent vreg, and it has alot of feutures, even wifi. 4 usb 2.0 headers 2usb 3.0 headers.. ton of fan connectors, i think this is realy a nicely fully loaded board.

Is the clear CMOS jumper the button you can hit to clear CMOS without pulling the battery? I might bite on that if it is.

haha its funny by the way. Logan also did a review on it.

I have to research if it has a clear cmos switch.. it has a clear cmos jumper for sure. But with the mem ok button you can also do a sort of clear cmos on your overclock settings. it resets your overclock settings.

It comes with a few unnecessary features (wifi etc) but looks great overall. I'll probably end up eating the rebate, would probably have more luck with scratch tickets. Mem OK sounds like something I would love to have.  Didn't realize that is what memok does. Thanks for digging up the information, looked over that when I read about the EPU options.

Not to throw a spanner in the works here but it may be your PSU. If it's giving inadequate volts to the card at powerup it would explain your issues and the fact that you were able to get into windows and work but have trouble starting. If it was the slot I'd either expect it to not work period, or go in and out infrequently.

Try putting your friends powersupply in your rig and see if it works.

Another test to find the culprit... your mobo has 2 graphics slots. Put your card in the 2nd one and test it.

Tried 2nd slot, tried another PSU. Tried GPU in friends PC. New CMOS battery. Something is goofed up, I can only post if monitor is hooked up to igpu, then afterwards I have to switch back over to gpu to get a display. 

sounds like a crap mobo honnestly.

I think I killed power delivery on mobo, or a cap. Runs fine if I can get it to boot. I'll have to keep it running for now, and will most likely order another board this week. That will probably f up my windows, so I have been looking over my options on that.

you probably gonne need to do a windows reinstall yes. but thats not that much of work.

It is when you have an OEM version lol. 

just install and call microsoft for phone activation, just say your previous mobo has died.

otherwise if you dont get it activated, use the loader you know ;)