Fried 980ti Choke

Hey all, I was wondering how I can go about buying another choke for my 980ti… I was watercooling it with the Kraken bracket and an H55 or H60 silent, and the GPU was amazing temp wise. The VRM’s though, aparrently not…

Basically I need to get another choke if possible, but am not sure where to do so. I’ve purchased one, but it’s not the right one.

Here’s a bunch of pics of my card.

link to album

Thanks to anyone who can help!

You could attempt to find a dead card but theres no telling what else went when the choke went. If it works, cool, if not youll be hunting the proverbial needle in the haystack without diagrams.

The inductance is written right on top. This StackExchange Page gives some details on the numbering convention - i.e. R33 = .33 micro Henry’s. I would have to agree with above that something else may have gone out of spec causing an over-current condition which lead to that kind of heating on the part. It is possible that it it was a one-off fluke.

The parts I am seeing have a 20% tolerance, which seems common for smaller inductors like that, however I don’t know if that exact part needs tighter tolerances. If the thing is otherwise a paperweight then spending ~$3 for a replacement inductor is probably a gamble worth taking.


Thanks! Yeah it’s a paperweight right now. I know that it has a very low chance of actually fixing the card, but the fact that I spent like $750 on it only 2 years ago and that the manufacturer won’t honor the warranty makes me want to spend up to around $25 to repair it if possible. I figure I’d try a few things to see if anything works.

I did purchase a choke, but it wasn’t correct. I’ve googled all the iterations of “R33” choke and graphics card choke, but I’m fairly new to pc circuitry. I do a lot of desktop repair and whatnot, but it consists of replacing bad ram and the like. I’ve soldered and have taken many a physics class, but no computer physics and the electronics I learned was a “cool project” to do to keep us interested (that’s how I see it anyway).

I’ve repaired old radios and have done soldered kit electronics, which is fun. I solder quite a bit, and want to get more into repair of this type of thing, if it’s even possible.

TL:DR - Thanks, I wasn’t sure what to buy and still am not sure. If possible, a link to the thing would be nice :smiley:

All I did was looked at the pics you linked, read R33 on the inductor next to it which looked the same, and punched “R33 inductor” in to a search engine. It had results from a few electronics parts houses along with the link I posted above. The stock photos that electronics places list don’t represent the part, so you may need to do a bit of searching to make certain you get what you are looking for.

Given that the part overheated, I just estimated by looking at the part next to it. You may want to triple check that pics of other undamaged cards online actually show the part you need. I’d rather not make a direct link to a part that might not be correct. Hopefully there is enough info here for you to get on the path to the exact part you need and get things operational again.

Thank you, I was googling “R33 choke” not inductor. I’ll look into this in a bit!

I finally received my part and was able to successfully remove the old inductor and replace it with the new one. First boot, straight into windows! I knew this wouldn’t last long, but hey, it’s an improvement! When I go to install drivers, the system powers down. Any thoughts on this, or should I call it dead?

Sounds like it’s either dead or is a PSU issue. Have another PSU to try? Even if it’s too small for the system you could use it for the card only.