Friday giveaway-day! (game-codes)

Since its my first day for being on the forums and its Friday, what better way to start the fun, than to give stuff away?

1x Gift a copy of Low Light Combat Steam Key

1x Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Steam Key

1x Splice Steam Key

1x Crayon Physics Deluxe Steam Key1x Dead Space Origin Key

1x Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key

1x Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key

1x Dead Space 3 Origin Key

1x Medal of Honor Origin Key

1x Mirror's Edge Origin Key

1x Battlefield 3 Origin Key

1x Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Origin Key

1x Populous Origin Key



You know where i got the codes or feel i'm a cheap bastard? Then i challenge you to giveaway something better. Why not, someone will be happy, and that makes me happy ;)

PM for the codes, thanks in the thread i guess. Don't be a greedy moron, we have enough of those already.

Do you have something for me? Steam-games, bitcoins or whatever? Send me a PM, im happy for any small donation ;)


** UPDATED 2013/11/02 @ 07:04 UTC

if u dont mind can i have saint row the third and dead island =D plz im new only games i have are the two i got with my gpu =/ and 1 of them i dont like =/

Pm sent

Sent a PM earlier, i wouldn't mind Dead Island GOTY edition. Thanks!

PM sent. Thanks man.

PM sent. Thank you.

Would I be allowed to have any of the games above? I would be grateful with any. :)

Pm sent. Thank you for the opportunity.

PM sent, And thanks a bunch man. Nice to see people doing these things for the community.

can i get Metro 2033 pleaseeeeeee

Nice one! I'm not going to ask for any, but it's cool to see.

Ok, this turned ugly in my inbox pretty fast :) I sent the best matching gamebundles to the users requesting them in order. So most games are gone, and i hope they are played :)

Ill update the post if possible for you to see what is left.

Thank you for Metro :)

Thanks for the games and welcome to the forum!

Can I have Battlefield 3, if you still have it?

Thanks in advance if I get it :D


i sent you a PM =D

PM sent a while ago. Fingers crossed :D

Thanks for doing this 

Hey guys Battlefield 3 free on Origin with this Key: G433-XWLD-ZBW8-JWUC-JDSW

(Works unlimited times)

Can I have anything thats left?

Can I get Medal of Honor or  Dead Space 3 :D?