Friday Gaming Sessions

So there has been many a thread in the 'add me on steam' vein, but what about organisation?


I for one don't need friends on steam; I want team mates, squad mates, and banter merchants! Hey, maybe even a friendly foe.

The Tek Syndicate steam groups exist but they seem very ineffective at organising any specific gaming sessions.The reasons probably being:

  • The fact there are two official and one unofficial group
  • There is somewhat inactive leadership and inactive membership

  • They aren't as well travelled as say the forums on the actual site


My point is I suggest we collectively reinvigorate the community gaming spirit and start a Friday Gaming Sessions custom. It doesn't have to be crazy rigid unless an event is scheduled, but I know I'm gaming most every Friday evening and it would be great to log on and jump into a squad with a coherent group.

For example I'm currently playing a lot of Arma 3 and DayZ (I mean there even is a TekSyn server for this) for online multiplayer stuff, so anybody doing the same could be a good match. Anybody playing a lot of BF4 Beta would likely want to meet up and so on.


Maybe I'm off base here and people don't want this, but I think we do. I think it's what people mean by 'add me on steam'. So I open this idea up to discussion and suggestions. This thread will live or die on it's merits.

If this topic goes anywhere we can solidify the guidelines, and actually get something like the concept off the ground.


By the way, I'll be playing Arma 3 this evening, so 'add me on steam'...


my_zero_sum (my steam name)

I don't have any of the ARMA games to play unfortunately, but I am all for the Friday Gaming Session. I recently bought Borderlands 2 and have been looking for people to play with. We have a lot of members on the Tek Syndicate who like to come on and play BF3, Minecraft and LOL, to name a few. If you would like to hop on, it could help in organizing events faster that way and it's a way to communitcate in game!

Download mumble and to find the server use:


Port: 9880

We usually have people on at all times to play and talk to!

Haha, funny I don't have any of those games on PC.

I was thinking Planetside 2 could be a good game to use; it's very accessible. I haven't played in months but I liked it when I was playing it. I vaguely recall a thread passing through on the forum though with some server and faction compatibility issues. I may download it soon to have another crack at it.


Another fun game for messing around can be mount and blade warband napoleonic wars. That game is great fun sometimes.

Mumble server, news to me. Good news. I don't use things like that, generally using VON but I would like to start. It seems like it can enrich the experience when used well.


A nice big old brainstorming session is what this needs.

Yeah hop on anytime you like, i'll probably get on this evening, I agree, I want to give Planetside 2 another chance. Also Humble Bundle games are usually popular and can be somewhat easily accessible as well, we could try that out too.