Fresh install win, edge crashing, hash compare?


I just installed Windows 10 from a USB stick, and I’m having this issue where Edge doesn’t work, and I’ve seen a bsod, twice over the span of a first two hours after installing (despite Linux running seemingly fine over these last couple of years)… And I was wondering…

Is there a way to make sure Windows unpacked things correctly, is there some kind of package manifest somewhere and/or a tool to easily compare everything file listed in those manifest(s).

I was able to dig this up.

Yeah, that’s just the ISO. I haven’t bothered comparing it, I’m assuming whatever is used to compress the data comes with checksums that can be verified during decompression.

I’m wondering about unpacked and installed files.

Ahh I see. I think the only way to do that is to find the checksum from a known-good installation.

I’m at work, despite that I’m on windows 10, I’m using an older enterprise build. So I don’t think I could help you there.

We would need a third actor.

Other things I’m contemplating incl disabling c6/c7 and c1e and going with an older build.

Also either my ISP or MS are throttling my wsusoffline downloads, they start off fine (30MB/s +) but then, annoyingly slowdown to 2MB/s. Time to swap wget with aria2. Just mentioning it illustrate my updates are slow :frowning: