Fresh Freenas Install - Stuck at Welcome to Grub and Boot Loop

Hi all.
As im currently following along Wendell’s video form a few years back about setting up Freenas I have come accross an issue getting the server to boot into the OS (Freenas 11). When it boots it says:
GRUB Loading…
Welcome to GRUB…

nothing after that. As this is my first Freenas box I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. Im currently downloading a older version (9.3) however it would be nice for the current version to work.

NAS specs
AMD FX-6300
16GB Cosair value ram
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

9.3 works without a hitch, must be something in the new version.

I didn’t have that issue when I started, but I did an upgrade from 10 to 11 stable. You really shouldn’t be rolling with the legacy 9.3 version.

ill try upgrading from 9.3 to 11 and try it that way. Thus not doing a fresh install however I could wait till the next version. Do you know roughly how frequently their stable builds are pushed out?

Now after trying that update the system is stuck in a boot loop. Might stick with the older version for now and wait till the next patch.

While it has not happened recently, I have had to replace my USB stick before when I have encountered similar issues. May be something to try.
As you probably know, don’t upgrade your ZFS pool until you are sure everything with the current FreeNAS version is good.

Im starting the server from scratch, nothing on the drives so Im ok to do some tinkering around between the versions. I will go ahead and try another USB though.

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