Frenchmen who planned 15 terror attacks targeting Muslims and Jews arrested

Frenchman who planned 15 terror attacks targeting Muslims and Jews during Euro 2016 because he was sick of mass migration and spread of Islam is arrested with weapons haul in Ukraine

SBU Ukrainian security service:

We were able to prevent fifteen terrorist acts that were planned in France on the eve of and during the European Championship football.


[The] officers found Neo-Nazi t-shirts, as well as chemicals used to produce explosives and five balacalvas. He had no criminal record.

Some image taken from the article (please read the article too)

IMO, big deal take that such a guy with that kind of weaponry is off the streets, hoping it's not just 15 less attacks from one guy but more as consequences and successfull arrests are shown

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...And I thought the US was bad.
HOLY smokes! Good thing that stuff is locked away now.

Wow, he's one hella kind of looser. He must of the kind that consider Putin a savior. And did he really intended to use all this weaponry by himself?!

"He confirmed Moutaux aimed 'to blow up a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue, tax collection organisations, police patrol units and numerous other locations'." In short he just hates everything that doesn't please him

Thank fuck, we get to actually call someone from the west a terrorist for once.

Good riddence to this asshole.

Rickey, a 25 year old can get his hands on such ordinance? Glad he's off the streets, but makes one wonder about his contacts... Glad he's the exception that proves the rule in the EU?

Well, excuse me to pop your bubble, but they never said he was a terrorist. They only said he was arrested under terrorist charges, they have not call him a terrorist, only a frenchman (but also it's the Dailymail so...)