French Social Security hacked

In France, they use a site that is called AMELI that is a web portal that allows you to view your medical bill’s, what money you will get back, the information about your medical record etc. They got pwned and now, you can buy for 6 000$ per person all the medical record’s detail of that person. Apparently, they got everything (in regard of all the info you can get on a person).

Most of the articles I found are in french though. Here is one link. Ameli : le site de l'Assurance Maladie s'est fait pirater, les données d'un million de Français en vente

If you search, you will find a bunch of articles on the subject. Numbers are the same every time and apparently, AMELI confirmed. (and now, the social security is suing the website because they paid a private company to make the website that will host the ENTIRE medical record of their citizen’s)


That is really bad. Maybe they emplyed the same Japanese dude that lost the town residents’ information on a thumb drive

Centralizing this stuff and making it accessible over the Internet is just asking for problems. Question is not “if” these get pwnd, but “when”, imho.

Sure it’s convenient, but whether that’s worth it…


Yeah I have zero confidence in my government and it’s agencies to care for my data. At least corporations have a commercial and financial interest in not messing it up.

My government relies on Fax transmissions and is experimenting with blockchain school certificates and everyone talks about AI despite no one having a clue.

We’ll see a lot of this kind of news in the future. And unless everyone in that department is being held accountable for this (imo) capital crime, it will happen again. You just don’t plug citizen (medical) data onto the internet. This is damage that can’t be undone.


This is the problem with all the worlds governments. Most of the world is run by old fools who have literally no idea how anything in the modern world works and they really don’t care to learn about it. The only thing they want to know about it is how they can control what people see, what they say and do and how to profit from it.
So they keep getting destroyed in situations like this… We have a long way to go as a planet.


Do you think so? I would say it’s even worst with private corporation as most often just want to cut corners to maximize profits. Governments have the threath of elections at least.

First thing that come up to mind was Equifax with the breach of personal information of 148 millions people in the US back in 2017. It’s way worse in my opinion than the breach of medical information of 1 million inhabitants.

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Eh, threat of elections seems to be less effective than threat of fines cutting into profits, at least over here…

If I look at how relatively small the outrage was over requiring fingerprints on everyones’ IDs… :frowning:

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Yep there is basically no threat of elections anymore. Ever since they set up dominion in the USA and other countries, they politicians literally control the outcome of elections. Just the masses haven’t caught on yet because they have all this constant theatre going on about different political issues, pretending like it makes a difference for their campaigns.
However unless they really piss people off beyond a huge margin of error, the voting systems take care of all the results for them.
Why do you think the 2020 election’s in the USA had multiple delays in counting? The margin of error was too large so they needed to stop the systems to make the corrections to the code in order to have the desired outcome.
The same thing happened in South Korea in the same year… it has been going on in countries like Venezuela for decades now, but somehow people in North America and Europe think that they are somehow immune to this corruption.