Freinds, Romans, And Fellow techies, lend help

I recently had a Seagate 500 gig pipeline hard drive go into conniptions and start dead clickig...boot drive of course, the 2 more of the same type drive fail after 2 more days, that left me with 2 one terabyte drives i normally use for game disk and data storage, the later being a Green drive.

Next one of my western Digital terabyte drives corrupted, W.T.F. is going on......

I rechecked all the removed drives, only one truely dead, the rest were terribly corrupted without the physical disk being effected at all.  I pulled my magic boot disk collection and checked them all right down to the roots and could find nothing wrong except for the bad data sets.  Now all my disks have been scanned and virus checked automatically and daily at 3:00 and are sitting behind a server that is secure, and all are defragged weekly.

What could cause such a catastropic failure across 5 seperate hard drives, no raids?

virus checks are not foolproof, but it could also be a bad power supply, or something in the OS got messed up. it could also be the excessive defragging, defragging doesn't even help that much anyways. it could also be bad hardware, such as your ram or mobo. also, something may have gotten magnetized.

Sounds like something is interfering to me.  Check for magnets if you have any close (specifically a subwoofer) or something inside your case.  Also, get a power supply tester and test yours, I wouldn't be surprised if it's giving all SATA powered devices way too much juice.

Power supply tests fine, no dirty current here either, no unshielded magnets in this room.i was able to revive one 500 drive to new status....


So far this has cost me several hundred gigs of music, 2 500 gig hard drives, one being my main gaming drive, luckey for backups on the needed programs paid for oer time.

The seagate rep started talking about things causing serial hard drive failure, and decided the firmware on the 2 drives might be corrupt and i should d/l the update and install it via seatools, that din work except to pull one up long enough to get some data offof it...seatools cannot even read the other one, so it now is a coffee coaster..