Freezing installation/OS

I tried installing Mint on a laptop with only dedicated GPU. The installation freezed (while running in live-CD mode), so I tried rebooting and the same thing happened. I tried it with my laptop after I set dedicated graphics in BIOS and same thing happened. I didn't know what to do so I tried running in software rendering mode and after a few tries I managed to install Mint on the laptop. But now the laptop randomly freezes (the cursor is moving but nothing else works, I can't even change TTY). I then wanted to try to install Kubuntu but it also froze in the live-CD mode so I decided not to. Is there anything I can do to stop the laptop from freezing?

I would make sure that the GPU that you're running is supported by the distro that you're installing. I also suggest googling for your GPU model and then "Linux Mint install issues". If it's possible to use the integrated graphics with the CPU, you could also try an install with that (This would be found in the BIOS/UEFI) and then enabling the dedicated GPU afterwards or installing drivers for the GPU beforehand. Googling your laptop model and then "Linux install issues" may also help, Linux is not always the best with graphics drivers and if other users are having issues there are most likely solutions. If all else fails, check your hardware, check your md5sum against the official md5sum (on the download page), or maybe burn the live CD again.

The laptop in question does not have integrated CPU graphics, I tried creating new installation media and I didn't find anything on google.