Freesync on Wasabi Mango 43 inch?

Wasabi Mango 43 inch came after the 42 inch. There is a USB service firmware update feature, but does the 43 inch have Freesync like the 42 inch?

It doesn't state anywhere that it actually does. Does anyone know if the Firmware update on the homepage of Wasabi Mango will include Freesync?

Many thanks.

As far as I know these are all the same control board and the panels are all the same resolution so the firmware should work, give itna try it will.either or it won't.

I received a Wasabi Mango UHD43 from South Korea yesterday and, while I cannot test it with an NVidia card, I can testify that the OSD definitely includes an active FreeSync option.

Many many thanks for letting me know.
There is a lot of info on the 42 inch, but not so much on the 43. What is your impression of the monitor?
I'm about to pull the trigger.

I can't imagine it'd be much different, but did you see the recent crossover review?, unless you're set on a large 4k display, that one's like almost 400 for a 32"

Happy to expand: As I said, I got my UHD430 yesterday, less than 48 hours after ordering from a accessorieswhole on ebay for $759. I was a little worried about dead pixels and the difficulty of returns in that case, but there was no issue.

The only hiccup on installation was that the monitor would very quickly go into power-saving mode if none of the default inputs (which did not include the displayport) had any signal, so I had to scramble on the Korean remote to make DP the default source. No problem once that was done.

Image-quality is substantially better than on my old Seiki 4K and nearly as good as on my old Dell 30" reference monitor.

Running some simple tests show that the monitor definitely does 60 Hz at 4k. It can be cajoled into accepting up to 240 Hz at 1080p, but after some preliminary tests, I am not sure that it actually displays at a higher rate than 60 Hz at any resolution. Needs more investigation.

The front of the monitor is very nice looking with a relatively thin metallic bezel; the back is a less attractive plastic, but then you don't see that.

The monitor position is not adjustable, which I think may become a problem for me. Fortunately it has VESA holes and is surprisingly light, so an articulating arm should fix that issue relatively easily.

As for monitor size, this is a subjective issue. My subjective experience for over 30 years has been that my productivity and comfort increases substantially with monitor size. My 50" 4K Seiki was the first time in my life that I felt that my monitor was actually too large; seeing all of it required movement of the head and not just the eyes. On the other hand, going back to the 30" Dell (after the Seiki died) was a much worse, almost unbearably cramped experience.

So I think that for me, mostly working in many windows simultaneously and playing the occasional not terribly FPS bound game, the sweet spot is probably in the 40-43" range. If I played a lot of FPS-heavy games, I might chose a smaller monitor with a somewhat lower resolution.

Many thanks for sharing. It made it easier to decide.
I've pulled the trigger on UHD430 from Accessorieswhole. It's described to be a Perfect Pixel and I hope it will live up to that as well as come in one piece.

Pricier at 999, but I haven't seen any other similar Perfect Pixel lately and I'm a sucker for Pixels...
The seller claims it was part of a sale that just ended, but it is still out there if there are others who want to grab it. Yes 999 is steep, but we buy it as a test and if it works out we'll probably invest in more monitors like this one. Now keeping my fingers crossed the pretesting was done properly and that UPS doesn't screw it up!

A quick update after 3 weeks of usage for those subscribed to this thread:

Nothing much to add to my initial impression. It is a good working 43" 4k monitor with FreeSync for $729, shipped within less than 48 hours from South Korea to my home in Virginia. Image quality is much better than my old Seiki 50" 4k (which died after less than 2 years of usage) and to my eyes on par with my old Dell UltraSharp U3011 (bought less than 3 years ago and considered reference quality at the time).

One (very) small glitch I have discovered is that sometimes for one frame within a few seconds of waking up from a sleep state the monitor displays garbage for a couple hundred lines. But this is not a serious problem: It occurs for only one frame, once after each wakeup, and does not repeat for many hours of extended usage. It may even be a displayport cable problem.

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Thanks for the helpful update. It's good to hear that you had a pleasant experience with accessorieswhole. Perhaps this is the best seller for the 'Mangoes at the moment.

I have a similar issue with my UHD420. The monitor goes black for a fraction of a second after I wake it from a long sleep. Seems to only happen over DP, but I'll have to do some more testing to make sure. I wonder if the controller on the 420 and the 430 are the same? In any case, it doesn't bother me at all. I mentioned it on the 420 thread:

Mods, since these two models are so similar, perhaps we should consider merging the threads for posterity?

@aeternitatis, please keep us updated if you have any other issues or insights in the future. I love my WM, but we still only have a small sample size on the site.