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Freesync on Linux w/ amdgpu

So I just got a 144Hz Freesync monitor, and I’ve verified that the Freesync part is working fine with Win10. But it is not available under Fedora 28 according to this official AMD guideline: Thinking that this might only apply to the AMDGPU-PRO driver, I looked for other ways to verify Freesync functionality including passing ‘amdgpu.dc=1’ to the kernel, but xrandr --prop still doesn’t return any Freesync info.

Anybody know how to turn Freesync on with the open source amdgpu driver? I’m pretty sure it’s available to AMDGPU-PRO users, but my distro (Fedora 28) isn’t supported by the closed source driver AFAIK.

Last I heard, Freesync hasn’t been fully implemented in the open source drivers.

Last I heard it won’t be available till the 4.20/5.0 kernel (or however they are going to number it).

Ubuntu/AMDGPU-pro is needed to use freesync right now.

Looks like we wont see anything very soon. Phononix usually keeps up on kernel updates like this…

That’s too bad. I’ve got a highly customized install of Fedora 28 that I’d hate to rebuild on a different distro. Maybe once support ends for F28 I could be persuaded to move back to Ubuntu. Oh, well.