FreeSync monitor selection

Now that I have finally a FreeSync GPU, I can start thinking about a FreeSync monitor as well…
So currently my selection is limited to:
LG 23MP68VQ-P - 40-75Hz IPS 23" 1080p and
LG 22MK430H-B - 50-75Hz IPS 21.5" 1080p

I would gladly go for the larger one, since it’s both larger and have better freesync range. The issue is it’s going to be my 2-nd or 3-th monitor alongside 21,5" screens, so I’m not sure if that would make it awkward to work with.
So I’m leaning slightly towards the 22MK430H-B -the 22" screen. Man it have ugly stand…

Anyways, if you have any thoughts or recommendations - I am open for suggestions. I will either buy at Black Friday or right before Christmas.

PS: I just noticed the Acer VG220QBMIIX…
It’s 50-75 IPS 1080p 22" screen. It looks gorgeous. Slightly more expensive than the smaller LG screen, but way better looking.

The Acer monitors have nice aesthetics, though personally I’d stay away from them. I bought an XF270HB last month and it already has a stuck pixel…

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Maybe pick the 23" and put it in the middle. It could have better picture quality than the old ones and its frame is fairly slim.
If waiting for Black Friday there should be quite a few decent 23-24" monitors to choose from.

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I hear that a lot actually… For some reason Acer seems to be bad…

Honestly I’m looking at Black Friday to get the cheaper 22" early. If black Friday doesn’t work out then I’ll just save for a month more and see what I’ll get…

Just get a bigger monitor. Less space taken on the desk and you’ll keep the monitor longer.

1440p or higher baby it’s so good.

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