Freenas won't let me access my SMB share

A while ago I started using FreeNAS to store some files and things and it was working perfectly, but something happened after I updated to the latest FreeNAS version (9.10.x at the time) and my windows system would no longer connect to the SMB share that I had set up and working just fine.

Mind you, Win10 would see the share just fine, but when I went in to enter my credentials it told me that my password was incorrect. Not only am I quite sure that it was correct, but I went in and changed the password in the web GUI just to make sure. The same problem persisted.

My current Win10 build is 14393.1593, version 1607.
Probably outdated as all heck, but I would prefer it if MS didn’t brick my machine at their will and pleasure, as they have my laptop. How can I fix this? I’m open to just about everything.

Thanks in advance!

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Try disconnecting the shares you have mounted as network drives, then deleting any ‘Windows Credentials’ you have saved under the credential manager. Also, when you specify your username, try putting it as ‘< IPOfFreeNas >< username >’ and/or ‘< HostnameOfFreeNas >< username >’. (Note the ‘’, as it specifies the domain of the username authentication).

I deleted the share, removed my credentials, and started over, but the windows machine wouldn’t pick the share back up when I tried to reenter the IP. It should’ve appeared. Do you think this is an SMB protocol issue, IE version discrepancy?

Have you checked permissions on the share? :thinking:

Permissions are set to apply default. Is this good?