FreeNAS Updating

Quick question about FreeNAS updating. I am running FreeNAS 11 Stable. Can I jump directly to TrueNAS or do I need to incrementally update to get there?

Personally if it were me, I would not upgrade, but just export the pool, do a fresh install of the latest TrueNAS and import the pool

So much garbage config could come over


I agree with @FunnyPossum - Also note that plugins/jails cannot be moved from Core to Scale. This means you may need to worry about creating new apps (such as nextcloud), in which case you are already in the realm of creating a new system with the data in the old pool.

I only have two plugins right now, one is only ever used and thats plex.

He didn’t mention Scale at all. As far as I understood, it’s an upgrade from an ancient FreeNAS version to Core (which is the normal TrueNAS). There is little reason to use Scale on a storage server.

In any case I second @FunnyPossum’s statement of exporting and doing a fresh install. Permissions, periodic tasks, shares and tunables are the main things to do. But by taking some preparation, you can copy the config in no time.

I second using Core over Scale too

@Exard3k - agreed, and sorry for any confision. I just did a quick post before going out and should have been clearer.,but mainly wanted to highlight the caution in case needed (for some reason many see an upgrade as moving to scale…).
I have always used Core and having tried scale briefly (I would then align with my Son’s choice of scale), I can say I’ll be sticking to scale for the foreseeable future.

As an aside, I have recently moved from Plex to Jellyfin (TrueNAS Core) and found it much better at starting some videos and randomly moving to various points in the video. Plex seems really slow on some types. Not a clue why though…