FreeNAS Single disk pool to 4 disk Raidz

on FreeNAS 11.2 U6 I have a single 128 ssd for my plugins pool. I want to add 3 more 128 disks to that pool and turn it into a 4 disk RaidZ pool.
Is this possible?

I do not believe so. You could add a mirror but not turn it into a raidz pool after the fact.


Thats my understanding too

Since its only 128gb OP could just throw it on a thumb drive and then put it all back after making a new raidz pool


If I remember correctly at least one zdev of the desired type has to exist at the creation of the pool and that is then locked in.
Only adding zdev’s of the same type is allowed after the fact.
You could get 4 new SSDs instead, copy over you data and keep the other as a hot spare I suppose.

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Thank you for the responses. I had come across some info that FreeBSD was working on expansion such as Unraid and other NAS software where you could add a disk to an existing pool without having to add the same amount of disks but it was only one post. So i just wanted to double check.

I think I will keep an eye on prices for Black Friday / Monday and probably get them then. Or i might just wait for the WD Red SSD’s to come out. That pool is kind of an important pool so It might be worth it.