FreeNAS server on two networks

I am looking into building a FreeNAS server. My network is set up in a weird way, so I would need two NICs to connect to two seperate networks. I don't want to bridge the two networks, they are supposed to be seperate, but both networks need access to the FreeNAS box. Is this even an option, or will I have to build two FreeNAS servers?

Yea that's no problem. Just configure the two NICs with the respective networks details. Although only one will be able to take gateway information (aka it shall only use one network to grab updates/additional software)

You should be able to do this with one nic by making a rule in your firewall to allow access to the freenas box from the other network, unless you want to avoid the router for bandwidth reasons.

If this is so you can connect it to both your network and your dad's then two nics might be the better option so you're not limited by that 100mbps nic in your router, and it would be more secure than opening up the ports on your WAN especially if you end up convincing your dad to put you on the DMZ.

To set it up with two nics do what zanginator says and configure each nic manually for each network. Only put in the gateway info for one though, as you only want one to access the internet. If this is for connecting it to both your network and your dad's then set up your network's nic with the gateway, this way you should be able to share the freenas box with all of your vlans if you wanted to without having to configure static routes.

Thanks, I think I will just look into two NICs, that solution will probably be easier for the rest of my family since the FreeNAS box will have a dedicated IP that they can use vs having to go through my router. Plus that way if I do something to my network it wont ruin my family's NAS access. Thanks for the help