Freenas/Server build for small buisness/home

Hi all,,,

1st time post in these forums... I'm looking to setup a server myself it's something I've never done but have always been keen to do/try now I have a small business with 10 or so employees I feel now is as good a time as any I do have some manual redundancies in place but they are only for raw data storage not really whole system solutions,,, I'm really not a huge fan of "cloud" based options however I was looking to create something workflow wise where as we can work from multiple sites on the same file structure to make it easier to collect and manage data as we go...

I'm from Australia and this whole "data retention" BS has me a little worried about my sensitive business file's and employee records being a free for all,, I know it can't be stopped and it's prob not as bad as I think but I just don't like it
I also run behind a fairly basic firewall and protection system so that is also something I would like to do..

personally I don't really feel comfortable putting my 700-800gb of photo's of my kids out on the web for the potential of something happening (i know slim but it's just the way I feel)

I have some new parts coming for a new personnel rig/battle station and when it arrives I'm going to move towards Linux (at least dual boot for now)

see below the spec list for the Home server box, and 2nd question is (having no experience) is Freenas the way to go it seems to do nearly everything I need it to do now with room to expand in the future

Cheers in advance

I just set up and built my first FreeNAS, it seems like it will do everything I want, but I'm struggling on setting up and understanding the permissions. The only thing I'd say on your hardware is that a 1000W power supply is overkill unless you already have that part, you'd be fine with half that unless you are running massive amount of hard drives.

Personally, I think a minimum of two NAS drives with a Raid card would be better.

Alternatives to FreeNAS:

Turnkey OwnCloud:

Turnkey File Server:

Both have a relatively easy admin via Webmin.

Have you considered getting an of the shelf unit. The Thecus N5810 Pro -- Home-Small Business Storage Server, that Wendell reviewed, is really good value for money.

I'm going to go 4x 3TB drives in raid to start with, 6tb with redundancy should serve us well to get started with (I think), we work in the construction industry and the plan is to start cataloging and storing job photo's to create a timeline of history, our actual working folder without photo's is only around 10gb at this stage but as we expand this get's bigger by the day.

I like the idea of 8 drive bays as if we have a 4 disk raid config as larger drives become more common/affordable we can always more drives or set up a new larger array and take out the old drives, I first looked at the all in one solutions like the Synology and Qnap but for around the same or less you can get a better hardware spec,

The board has 10 sata ports 6x Intel and 4x marvel I was hoping to get away with using the on board Intel controllers to start with and expand to possibly a raid card later as that cost is quite high ?

my only concern with Freenas is it's apparent hunger from ram and the 32gb limitations of this board/CPU when they say 1-1.5gb of ram per TB of storage is that calculated on the total amount of disks or the final amount of physical storage space after the array is created ? if it's the later then we should be good for a while.

Also went with an ATX case/board to allow for a bit of expansion in the future being able to add raid and network cards in the future and the business expands,, possibilities to host our own website or setup game servers (if our crappy internet gets better HAHAHAHA) + I like the airflow it offers and quietness

Yea well..... I went a bit over kill,,, Picked up a ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS, 2x E5-2667 ES CPUs and a CM V1200w Plat PSU and 32gb of ECC for DIRT Cheap ($1200aud - $750usd) :) lol

can't help myself sometimes