FreeNAS questions

I am considering moving my crappy windows “server” aka a win 7 pc used as random stuff, to a more legitimate platform such as FreeNAS. My first focus will be on file sharing amongst my local network systems. I would also like to run plex off of it if possible. I know that both of these can be done, but wonder how easy it is to setup and maintain and simplicity of backing up files.

Lastly, a more specific questions. I would like to run emulators, but because of work, I often hop between my desktop, a laptop, and sometimes my phone. Is there an easy way to sync my ROM saves via the cloud or something in order to pick up where I left off regardless of which device I am on?

If your just running plex then freenas makes it super simple along with file sharing

I have heard many people say it can be run off of a USB drive. Is that a “it CAN be” or a “it SHOULD be” for safety and stability purposes.

Hi :grinning:. Regarding the USB question, is a “it CAN be”. I personally run a FreeNAS OS with an SSD.

On the safety part, it is wide term. On the hardware side, it is easier to stole the USB :scream:. For reliability, I believe an internal HDD/SDD will last longer, but any device can fail. If you loose the OS drive, then you can easily replace it with other. This without loosing your other HDD/SSD devices (your secret documents).

As long as you have a backup (BRD,DVD,etc) then you should no have a problem.

If by security your do not want big brother to search for your files :thinking:, then you can encrypt the HDD/SSD (just don’t loose the key). I do not remember if you can encrypt your OS drive, but personally I do not see the benefit of it. But I also recommend encrypting your personal HDD/SSD devices. Remember that encryption will function for when you boot your server but once connected to your LAN, then it is another can of worms.

This is a normie point of view :face_with_monocle:.

Yes it is perfectly fine to install FreeNAS on a USB drive (it is not a write heavy OS). A tiny and cheap SSD is going to be more reliable just due to the NAND flash being higher quality than a USB drive, but you can do a RAID1 with 2 (or more) USB drives with FreeNAS