FreeNAS Plugins?

Hey guys!

So I have started using FreeNAS, and I really enjoy it. One of my favorite feature is the plugins. I have been using plugins like Plex just fine, but I was wondering, is there any other plugins that you could upload yourself? and if so, does anyone have any recommendations / website I can find them?


If you know how to build the plugin, then yes you can upload a plugin yourself. You can go to , download and manually install any pre-packaged plugin. I've installed Plex manually a couple times with the automatic installer was broken in previous versions. But if really want something that doesn't have a plugin pre-built for it, then you can install it in a jail manually. You'll just have to keep the jail updated yourself. I've install a murmur server on mine and unbound DNS resolver but I don't use that any more since I have a PFSense box now. There are tons of guides on the FreeNAS forums and some on Youtube.

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yeah cool thanks mate!