FreeNAS Plex plugin codec not found

Hello, recently went to play a movie from my Plex service (plugin in FreeNAS) via chromecast on my TV and got “playback error conversion failed, a required codec could not be found or failed to install”.

The movie plays on my Android phone, but not casted. Other movies do work on the chromecast.

Google is bringing up results of having to nuke the whole jail, start from scratch and change permissions on the dataset… reminds me why I want nothing to do with FreeNAS plugins and just want to built out VMs for things like this.

Thank you for posting but you included no useable information.

Please post all software versions(freenas, plugin, etc) as well as the container format and A/V codec in use by the source material, thank you.


Plugin: plex, 11.2-release-p15

Container format: I’m assuming ZFS? How do I get that?

Google wasn’t much help here (I guess I’m not using the right search terms) but I found my way to:
/mnt/Pool1/iocage/jails/plex/root/Plex Media Server/Codecs but do not see a file that lists the installed codecs.

I think the fix will be how I used to serve up Plex, a CentOS VM with fstab w/ creds pointed to the movie CIF share.

I think the container format is like .mp4 or .mkv or .h265?

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^^^ this ^^^

Why is it called Container? Do you have a link to this documentation as I can’t find it in FreeNAS documentation. Does this also mean what format is the media? I assumed it was container in docker speak. In this case it was a movie in mp4.

Other movies in the same format would work. Strangely it now works.

The other night I could stream the movie on my Android phone and Windows 10 laptop, but could not cast it to a Chromecast Ultra (would get the error I wrote). Today it now streams to a regular Chromecast and also the Ultra.

I made no changes other than poke around the above path.