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FreeNAS permission issues

What am I doing wrong here?

Why is this so complex on FreeNAS?

Why is FreeNAS documentation just definitions … please, someone put me out of my misery!

I am trying to setup SMB sharing on FreeNAS. I have created a dataset, user and the SMB share. I can mount the share but don’t have any permissions to do anything in the folder. - I can’t see anything that would suggest no permissions being allowed.

Here are a few screen shots below:


SMB Share


i think that since you have folders in the dataset already, and you seem to be changing rights, you might want to apply those recursively.

So. I’m trying to create a folder on the drive. It is adding the user and group but not the perms

Yeah, I would definitely try to apply those permissions recursively on the SMB share.

Also, it seems like you can write, just not delete. Is delete in the list of permissions?

I’m guessing that you never set up other shares or manually set permissions (e.g. via command line) on these datasets as that can also screw things up

This is a classic, frequently-encountered issue with FreeNAS and SMB. I struggled through it myself, but can’t remember the details or identify the issue from your screenshots. But I believe the videos in this link were helpful, and googling “FreeNAS SMB permissions” turns up a lot of posts on resolving the problem.

I suggest you start with a very standard configuration and get it working, then modify as needed to get the setup you prefer.

I don’t have an answer- I have to ‘re-learn’ permissions everytime I dip into it myself. There are a few YouTube vids that are my go-to refreshers on this, I can’t find one of them, but this other one is also really good.

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Thanks for the sanity check :smile: It’s good to know I’m not the only one going nuts with FreeNAS SMB

I did get it working by making the ACL allow all for user, group and everyone. It still promps you for a password when you try and map the drive, it is super weird.

I used Lawrence’s video as a walk through while doing it. Took me forever to find where you make a new dataset :persevere:

Thanks folks!

He just made another one!



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