Freenas performance

I was wondering what sort of performance i should be getting from freenas. I am using a dell r310 x3540, 12gb of ecc ddr and 4 2tb wd red in raidz2 . At most i get 50 - 55MB/s over a gigabit line , i thought i should get closer too 100 MB/s or is 50 is what i should expect ?.


Raidz or mirror?
Compression on or off?
What is the drive setup of machine you are transferring to or from?
Large files or lots of small files?
My bad saw the raidz part

I am using the drives in raidz2, my compression is set one the default lz4. Well i just reilised if i am copying something from my os boot disk and not from the slow 2.5inch hhd i’ve been backing up i get full gigbit transfer. Sorry about that really should have thought about that one first.

So I will assume this thread is solved?

Yeah it was just me being stupid.