FreeNAS Issues

This is the error I'm receiving on my Windows 7 Ultimate system:

A Device attached to the system in not functioning

I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong. 

Things I've already done:

- Tried it on a different system. Oddly enough it works on a Win7 Home laptop

- Double checked the address to the nas

- Put my computer into the same workgroup as the NAS

- Checked login credentials and permissions

- Reset everything and re-installed FreeNAS

- Got frustrated and set the system on fire. 


I have all my machines plugged into a switch which is connected to my router. I'm accessing it over LAN. 
 What do you mean browsing to the HDD?

Just realized there was another response. thank you for your help. I ended up figuring out it was something messed up in my Windows installation.