Freenas homeserver connected to Router and PC

I want to build a new homeserver with Freenas as OS. The problem is that I don't know how to set the network up correctly. The server should have a gigabit connection to my router and a 4gbit Fibre Channel connection to my rig which is also connected to the router via gigabit.
My two questions are:
Has someone any experience with one of these fibre channel pcie cards? (You can get them on eBay for about 10€)
And how can I set everything up that my rig uses this faster connection to the server and not the gigabit over the router?

I don't know much about fibre channel, but it's not a network thing. I think there's a way to do IP over fibre channel but I've ever tried.

Fibre channel is used to connect storage to a server and I'm not really sure how to set it up or if you can get freenas to work that way.

If you do set up ip over fibre channel then the easiest thing to do is connect to the server via its IP address assigned to the fibre channel interface, that way the traffic will go over the fibre channel rather than the gigabit. You could also edit your hosts file and manually assign the fibre channel address to your freenas server's name.

Thank you for your response :D
The Fibre Channel Host Controller I'm talking about:
The description says that it is compatible.
I would buy 2 oft these: one for the Server and one for my rig.

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