Freenas gpu passthru/output

Hey all, it’s been a while,
is it possible to passthrou gpu or get an video output from freenas: idea is to use it as am using the ubuntu server+kodi rightnow (it worked much better with debian) or do i have to go other way with proxmox or get raspberry/androidbox for tv as client (am thinking freenass because of zfs (got some free hdds now))?
I summon thy @SgtAwesomesauce :slight_smile:

Freenas host or guest?

For guest, is doesn’t matter much, for host, bhyve has some passthrough capabilities but I’m not familiar with it.

freenass as host, but i think ill just hold on till i find some good android box so i can put kodi on it and ditch the need for video output of my “server” since im using nextcloud,smb,nfs,nginx, so ill probably go for proxmox later on, i don’t like freenas much, also proxmox is love, proxmox is life :_)