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FreeNAS Dedicated NIC for Jails

I’ve been lurking around forums and articles trying to figure this out. Some resources say it’s not possible while other say that it is.

I’m trying to utilize a second Network Interface card on my FreeNAS server to be used with my Plex Jail. Both of these NIC’s are connected directly to my ISP provided (Verizon) router, the FiOS-G1100, which doesn’t have any support for VLAN’s.

I found the following article…

Which states that the jail can be configured to use the NIC as long as you don’t configure it with an IP in the Network settings for the FreeNAS system itself.

I tried that but the Jail can’t get out to the default gateway. I do an ifconfig while I’m SSH’d into the FreeNAS system and I see that the interface is up/up with the IP address I configured for the jail. I can ping the jail IP from the FreeNAS command line but it seems like the jail can’t reach beyond the system itself.

Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you.

If you manually configured the network for the jail you might not have a default route. Try running netstat -r in the jail to check for a default route.

That article looks like it is for older versions of FreeNAS, by the way. Warden has been replaced by iocage.

If you see the IP in the host then you may not be using VNET/VIMAGE as the article instructed. In that case I don’t think you’ll see a default route in the jail but you should have access to the default route of the host, so there might be another explanation. Check for /etc/resolv.conf in the jail. If it’s missing or empty try copying it from the host.