FreeNAS created a hidden user directory

So this isn't exactly a help desk issue, it's more of a help me understand issue.

I created a user account on my freenas box and it apparently created a /home directory at the same time. Not sure how because I had created other user accounts and it didn't create a home directory.

The kicker is that it was a hidden share.

OK not one to shy away from the command line I jump in and try to use rmdir -r /(path) but get an error stating the the -r is an unrecognized command. o_O However rm-r /(path) works like a charm. o_O O_o

Why wouldn't rmdir - r work? I'm far from a linux expert...but shouldn't have removed the directory?

Because -r isn't a valid option for rmdir, rmdir will removes directories whereas rm will only delete a file unless you use -r to make it delete recursively.

Probably not a good idea to delete the /home directory, that's where user data like config files are kept.

Considering it auto created the home directory, which I didn't want in the first's was fine to remove it. Besides FreeNAS doesn't deal with home directories the same way that a standard FreeBSD install would.

At any rate, thanks for educating me on the -r switch. I wasn't finding anything that was as succinct of an explanation.