Freenas Corral Update

Just wanted to drop this here. I'm on mobile so if someone has already listed this just delete mine.

great... I wil stay though as I have migrated my VMs and that's actually working fine.

uhhhg, does this mean I need to revert back to 9 to get updates and Corral will go the way of a red headed step child?

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I guess they will update Corral as well, but you will probably have a rather "beta" experience with it. I am still on 9.10 because they never managed to release a proper statement that Corral is stable enough to give it a try.

If I had the resources to spin up some test machine, I would have tried it out, but since I only have one NAS and I am not a big fan of trying beta software on my "production system" at home, I will wait for the real stable version.

And I think it's really unprofessional to release software and then roll back to "Technology Preview" which is not even beta. I prefer the "it's done when it's done" over an early release.

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I believe in the article somewhere towards the bottom is that corral will be dying off somewhat soon and 9 will be there focus.


Oh for fucks sake I just barely had everything re-setup in corral. Now I have to move BACK to 9.10, AGAIN. God damn't.


+1 - I am also realy pissed; I mean damn it; I will not move away from that corall thing untill I am sure that the 9.10 branch is delivering what I need.


I'm just annoyed that they're taking a release branch and making it experimental again. I don't want to experiment with my NAS, I just want it to work. That is why I was on release, and that is why I will be going back to 9.10 stable.

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Dodged a bullet there. Was planning to use FreeNAS but until they get their shit together and have a real plan ... no, thanks.


My main boxes are on a few revisions old 9.10. I learned unless a box you depend on is broke don't fix it. To many issues with upgrades borking things in the past year.

Makes me really glad I just have a simple Synology DS416j at home.

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Virtualisation - is/was - essentially broken; that is why I moved to corral so early - there it actually works

I hope this doesn't include security updates, if your NAS is connected to the internet in any way :wink:

I'm trying to not be pissed because its free and overall amazing, but a huge loss in confidence for sure. I also feel bad for FreeNAS employees taking hits for this, the UI is great and my build is running well.


This was my plan. Let Coral bake in the wild for a bit and see how it does. I'm so glad I didn't rush to update. It will be interesting to get some of the Coral features in 9.10.x though.

You know I've never had a problem (knocks on wood) with updating my freeNAS box. I did have a problem a few updates back where the driver changed for my HBA and needed to update the firmware on the card again...but once that was complete I was golden. I don't consider that so much a problem of freeNAS messing up though.

I don't typically do it the day the updates are released, but within a week or so. The updates are coming out for good reason. Security and stability updates are always nice things to have.

The one thing that ALWAYS seems to bite me in the ass is major updates to pfsense. Seems like anytime a major update comes out I'm reinstalling, pisses me off every time too.

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Beta was rocky start for me with Freenas 10 coming from a rock solid 9.10 instance that had been upgraded form 9.3.
Release came out and on same system did a frsh install and resetup pools. The UI hnagups and crashing on a release just made me mad and ended up at fedora 25 and xfs

Why not just go back to the stable 9.10?

Also, how is XFS an alternative to ZFS?

Sorry I meant zfs damn fat fingers.
I wanted to learn more about command line and virtualization and at the end of the day whether you are on 9.10 or 10 freenas the point and click doesn't force me to learn what is going on underneath the hood. I know for some that they build virtual.machines and deep dive on their personal laptop but I realized I don't I take the easy route and click the buttons.

Currently ripping off all my data off onto my personal machine since I have the luxury of being a pretty low requirements data whore. Going to be fresh installing 9.10 when this is finished.

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This post explains some more of the why:–-development-essentially-halted-for-now.14271/page-3#post-136890

They had a 9.x team and a rewrite team, the plan being to converge in the future. Looks like after Jordan Hubbard left, several Corral team members either left or were released.

What a mess. I'm going to leave my box on the last Corral release until they sort things out.