FREENAS, can't start SMART and freenas_health is now warning

So i was working on my freenas and i see the message:
"[WARN] agent: Check ‘freenas_health’ is now warning"
Now this seems to be a known bug but how do i fix it?
The log spam is insane.

Smart issue, fixed

Also when i try to start the SMART service (that should start on boot anyway) i get the message:
"Unable to register device /dev/da0 (no Directive -d removable). Exiting."
And the service won’t start.

EDIT: fixed it, my boot drive had smart enabled? and it was a usb stick,
Go to storage/View Disks/da0/Edit and uncheck the Enable SMART box.
Start the SMART service and all should be fine.

Probaly happened during the update to 11.1-U1?

Can someone help me fix these two issues?

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You could stop logging for it, I don’t know how, and I wouldn’t do that. I’d rollback to another version that doesn’t have that error cause I definitely wouldn’t turn off logging

Should really belong in the opensource & web based OSes.

According to this it seems there’s a fix in the next update. So maybe disabling logging for it won’t be too bad, but I don’t know what the release schedule is.