Freenas build- last minute check

Freenas build:

Cpu: i3 4170
Mobo: Asus p9d-m (bought)
RAM: Crucial 16GB Ecc Ddimm (bought)
HDD: 4x3tb Wd red
psu: Evga gs 550w modular gold
case: fractal design node 804
boot usb: sandisk cruzer

  1. Can someone confirm my ram compatibility
  2. Do you guys recommend another case other than the fractal 804?

Many say that the power supply is overkill, what do you guys think? I want to do future upgrades (add 4 more drives, etc.)

any last minute recommendations?

thank you, have a good day :)

It is, that system will likely never use over 100W. So if you can save money on a cheaper PSU (I'd stick with 80 pus gold though) it might be worthwhile. Especially considering that PSUs are most efficient at 50% load, so a 300W PSU will save you money in the long run for a 24/7 system.

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Okay. It's hard for me to find low wattage Psus and gold certified ones.
The price differences are not that big between the low and higher wattage Psus.


Long as it's unbuffered/unregistered, and the motherboard supports ECC you should be fine

and ya the PSU is a bit overkill but whatever, might as well

and I'd highly suggest you go for 4TB drives, always get the largest single drives you can

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The 4tb drive for me are $50 more than the 3tb. Idk, if I need 8TB of storage (raidz2 only 2 drives for storage)
Might be a good idea though.

i hightly reccomend something with IMPI but thats just me

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This is a decent low wattage PSU. At loads that low, the difference in power usage between Bronze and Gold rating is pretty insignificant.

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I think my mobo has that

They call it management LAN. do I just plug into my switch with a regular Ethernet cable?

Lol the prices are so close compared to higher wattage Psus .

yeah, you can set its ip then just navigate to that ip and youll get a good virtual terminal. I have never used Asus for IPMI, I have like Asrock Rack a lot just got a ASRock E3C224 to upgrade my older asrock rack board due to expansion.

That's a solid, reliable PSU. You're paying for good components.

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Just go with whatever I went overboard and got the for my build (

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It's overkill for a nas, but I guess whatever, since prices at my local stores are so close :)

Thx for your suggestion though

I'll have a look around for a good PSU that's slightly cheaper. Shouldn't be difficult. You probably won't ever pull more than 160W.

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Wow that's really expensive! I think gold efficiency is good enough haha

But thanks for looking around for me

Also note you can get way cheaper 10ge used on Ebay, Just picked up a dual card for $150. So you could save a lot on the board.

NVM was P9D but different model

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I live in Canada so stores like and memory express would be the best place for me

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Looked around on Newegg, Memory Express and NCIX, and I couldn't find anything as good for the price ($70 CAD or less). You could take a look at second hand stuff.

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That's fine. Thank you very much for helping me.
Sometimes I need a second pair of eyes haha

Ps: thx for giving me my first like on this forum!