FreeNAS and VirtualBox, Resolution problems

Hey everyone,

I've got a recent problem that I am new too, I'm trying to get the desired resolution (under 1920x1080) for my virtualized linux machine under freenas. The install works fine and it boots, the problem is the resolution it gives me, I get the 800x600 resolution with ubuntu and there's a variety with opensuse 13.2. Now here's where it get's weird, when I use xrandr to set my resolution through tightvnc, the desktop looks fine but the applications I open are still set at the previous resolution.

I'm stuck and I need the wisdom of the syndicate community.

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Thats most likey because this was the previous resultion. Can you scale them manuallly up? Or they go back to 800x600 screen size?

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I can set the resolution to say, 1280x1024 60.00, only in xrandr though, I cannot use the native display settings to fix this. It does keep the xrandr settings on reboot but the applications are still in the wrong resolution.

That suggest that this settings is loaded after the window manager is initialized. And it loads at 800x600 and then xrandr sets it to 1280x1024 60.00. What driver is loaded for the virtual display? And dit you do an full KVM virtualization or an Linux container?

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I'm using the virtualbox_4.3.12 template in freenas. I don't know what you mean by virtual display, right now I'm running opensuse 13.2 in virtualbox.

Are the VirtualBox Guest Addons installed? Because those drivers make sure the virtual screen works correctly. Adn Virtualbox creates an Virtual Screen that windows regontizes. That screen has an resolution defenition that can be adjusted by the user, in linux at least.

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I've tried to, through the virtualbox interface and inside opensuse where I mount the image, it gives me a kernal/module error. I'm currently trying to connect to opensuse directly instead of using the one in virtualbox but it's giving me connection errors even though I disabled the firewall.

Here are the "official opensuse vritualbox guest addons". Have you tried to install these?

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Ok, I'll try those, I'll be back with results.

....ok, now I'm dumbstruck.

I reinstalled the virtualbox template in the jail, loaded up the opensuse iso and installed it booted after install with the 1600x1200 resolution...what?

The specs I've given it are 2x 2.4GHz cores, 4096GB of ram, 100GB of hdd space, running EXT4 instead of BTRFS, it's on bridge network interface with 128MB of video memory.

If anyone can help me with commands to see what happened, please tell me!

Hmm, I've checked the boot.log and it shows that it's starting two xdisplaymanager's and it shows that it's running a LSB: virtualbox linux additions kernel modules. I've read the link you've given me and it did say that it is built into the OS, was surprised that it actually worked this time. So now it's at a resolution of 1600x1200 (Too big for me to operate virtually, no fullscreen), can I now set it to 1024x768 using xrandr without breaking it? Or should I proceed with the commands in the link from the opensuse official virtualbox guest additions?

Thank you for your time with helping me in this.

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No Problem, here to help!

I would suggest to first install the opensuse virtualbox addons, and then update the whole system. Then you can try the xrandr command and restart to see if your settings are saved.

And just to be sure, make an ssh connection possible. So if the display gives black you can go further with ssh.

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vboxwebsrv keeps crashing, I think I'm going to give up virtualbox in freenas, it's been unstable for me and I am going to try another method.

Again, thank you for your time!

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that's unfortunate, but understandable. I personally run 2 HP ML110 G6's with xeon 4 core 8 threats and 16 gb memory and 250 gb ssd for this. But it must be possible, so maybe something for me to tinker around with.

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If it is virtualbox and linux running inside virtualbox. Did you install Guest additions into your linux in the virtual machine?

if not
please check: