Freenas 9.3, how to get both desktop PC's to fully access Freenas drive

Freenas box's specs:
cpu -= Pentium 3.3ghz socket 1150 haswell cpu dual core
mobo = Biostar h81MLC motherboard
***Freenas O.S. is installed into a 500GB sata II seagate hdd ( yes I have a decent ssd on the way to reinstall it into the ssd)
Mass storage HDD= Toshiba 5TB 7200rpm drive connected via sata internally
Ram = 8GB's of crucial ddr3 1600mhz
AIC = Intel 4 port nic in pci express x16 sized slot ( top slot obviously)

Only brand new cat7 ethernet cables from desktop's to the 4port nic are connected ( no router in between to eliminate 5TB's worst bottleneck ( 1.4ghz dual core cpu inside a netgear nighthaw r7500v2 is a turd compared to this pentium)

Ip address = My desktop ( connected to em3 port as Freenas calls it) can transfer files to and from the 5TB drive perfectly with 112MB/s sustained speeds.

The problem is that no matter what ip address I assign for each pc ( and also for the port each is connected to on the Freenas PC). It's as if the 4 port nic just takes over ALL ip address in that subnet)

What must I do please?

am not understanding it. Can't you make the subnet bigger?

What I am trying to do is to connect Wife's pc and my Desktop to the same 4port intel nic that is installed into the Freenas pc. The problem is that for some reason unknown to me, it won't let me stating " Sorry but this ip address is already used by another NIC".

From my understanding, with out BOTH pc's being on the same Subnet, there is no way they can communicate with each other aka " see " each other.

I have tried putting wife's pc on ip address with subnet of and my pc on the with subnet of and in the Freenas settings....setting the CIFS storage share to allow binding to and and still only my pc could transfer files to and from the 5TB hdd. Her pc couldn't see the "Freenas" network pc selection in Windows Explorer.

" Can't you make the subnet bigger?" I apologize I don't understand. I still have much to learn about networking.

So i understand you got a home network with more then one Router connected to the Modem(where internet comes in) correct?

And you want to use a Freenas configured computer in that network that you can access to get the files one 2 computers that are somewhere on a different router in your house?

I'm a little confused on the setup. You say you've removed the router from between FreeNAS and your desktop. Which tells me that your desktop is directly connected to FreeNAS. You've also got a 4 port NIC, and I presume that other desktops are also directly connected to other ports on this NIC. Is that correct?

If that is the case, then each port on that 4 port NIC needs to be a different subnet. Without specialized setup, you can't have 2 NICs talking to the same subnet.

Yes, I took the Netgear Nighthawk r7500 out of the equation and directly connected both desktops to the intel 4 port nic in the Freenas PC.

Ok cool. That subnet statement answers one of my questions.

However in this case, how can I make it to where my wife's desktop can fully communicate with the 5TB hdd internally connected to the Freenas pc without both pc's being on the same subnet and WITHOUT them going over the internet to do so?
-----Setting up an FTP server by the way isn't an option for me giving that our internet sucks, just trust me on this ( hotel wifi).---

No. There is no router in the mix ( unless you count the FREEnas pc as one imo), and I'm dealing with hotel wifi for internet so thus this is a completely local network deal that we're dealing with.

Also, no i'm not dealing with an FTP setup. I want a direct physical connection tot his Freenas box with both desktop's able to transfers files to and from the 5TB internally connect hdd, which I'll call " Bignas" from now on.

Qain would know what to do probably knowing him, no offense to you or anyone else. I just either don't know how to contact him directly. Even if I could, I doubt he would have time to help me resolve this, understandably.

You can set up a ghetto bridge connection, it's really basic to do, just assign one port to an address within the subnet and set the gateway to the other address you assign to the opposing port.

For example:

  • Freenas:
  • PC:

If you don't have a router to manage your network then I'm afraid that your stuck with this sort of connection, I'm interested as to why you are using a hotel wifi network, do you actually live there or are you staying there for a bit?

If so, then this would do since it would be short term, however if it's not then you've got a problem.

Also, you can setup SMB on freenas to let systems access the drives over the protocol, it's designed to be simple to setup but since you may be new to this I'll suggest looking at their documentation (You should be using 9.10 but too each their own)

If you need help don't hesitate to ask.

This is a PC to PC Network correct? Sorry for mentioning this, but you're using crossover cable right? again Sorry i just didn't see it mentioned

See I figured with that Nighthawk router between each pc and the 4 port nic on Freenas pc, it would be a bottleneck since it's also processing the file transfers, and I know from experience when I set up Windows Homegroup this way, transfering files to the 5TB connected via usb 3.0 to the usb 3.0 port on the router was pathetically slow at maximum of 30 ish megabytes per second due to the crappy 1.4ghz dual core atom cpu inside of it.

However, if the router's cpu bottlenecking isn't even a possibility in this Freenas setup- case, then I'll happily add the router back in the equation per your instructions.

Regardless, I must use an ip address that is different than 192.x.x.x since the idiot admin of this hotel wifi uses the same subnet and ip addressing.....scheme, and thus it would conflict with our internet connection.

Yes, unfortunately due to stupid past decisions from generosity and getting #$%ked over by ex roommates and although I make enough to easily afford a normal apartment for rent by myself, it's my credit rating and stupid apartment rules that force me to keep living in a hotel. Long story.

Both desktop's are Win 10 pro 64 bit machines btw in case I forgot to mention, sorry.

I don't see anything about SMB in that document, unless I overlooked something. ( Did ctrl + f and typed " SMB" and didn't find anything)

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No i'm not using a crossover cable. Cat6 and newer ethernet cable technologies don't require that it be a crossover for file transfers over a network.

Again. two desktops. connected via cat 6 ethernet to a PC with FREENAS installed as the operating system. That freenas pc has a 4 port Gbps NIC to which both desktop's are connected to ( mine is connected to what Freenas calls em3, and wife is em1)

You don't need crossover as long as the ports are auto negotiable.

  • The link for SMB:
  • Sorry to hear that
  • As long as the network is not on the same subnet and address pool as the one on the wifi then it's ok, even if it's in the address. e.g. or even
  • If you really want to get unfettered access, you can setup ssh if your not shy from a commandline.

Ok when I first starting this Freenas project, I followed EliTheComputerGuy's instructions in his Intro to Freenas youtube video here using the " 7 7 7 " method just to ensure complete access to start off.

I've read over all olf that document and everywhere else and I still didn't find anything that would help me figure out why I can't get my wife's pc to SEE this stupid 5TB "bignas" hard drive. My gut is telling me it's a networking issue that must be resolved.

Must I set two Dns servers in the cmd screen of Freenas box, ( one for my pc and one for her's to have two different subnets? Because freenas's gui website's settings page WON'T let me set the same subnet for both my and the wife's pc, I'm seriously at a dead end here.

You can set two subnets if you have a motherboard that has more than 1 ethernet ports and it supports this functionality, at this point I would advise to watch wendell's how-to to get things setup (, however not all of the information is there to setup the permissions for the share, you can go to the freenas forums directly for help which I found a decent source here:

For the DNS issue, I would not leave freenas to handle that, I would leave it to a router or another server that's managing the domain, you can just use the DNS for the wifi network and disable it for the connection to the freenas as it does not need it for what you want to do with it.

The motherboard has a crappy 10/100 realtek ethernet soldered on. That's what I installed the intel 4 port gigabit nic and am trying to use only that.

You are way over-engineering this setup. Clearly networking isn't your thing, why are you doing such a complicated setup for something that's pretty simple? I have a freenas NAS on my network and everything is on the same subnet with the exception of VMs on my virtual host, no bottlenecks of any kind exist.

Just do a 10.0.0.x/24 network and use addresses and put your switch back in the mix.

Ok, just re-read your specs, are you able to assign each port on the intel nic their own subnet address?

For example:

  • Port 1
    To PC:
  • Port 2
    To PC:

So on and so forth.

"clearly networking isn't your thing". -_- Save your insults for youtube ok, because I'm not your therapist. What problem you have with someone else, take it out on THAT someone else.

This is the Tek Syndicate forum. We're all supposed to be at least a little more mature and decent to one another. You were a networking noob also once.

Networking IS my thing. I never claimed to be a damn expert at it though. I'm still in college trying to obtain my Associates in Applied Science dealing with Network System Administration and they aren't teaching hardly jack crap.

" Why are you doing a such a complicated setup for something that's pretty simple? " That, I already spelled out also with the part talking about that I live in a hotel and must rely on wireless for internet so I have to set up my file transfer network with a different subnet physically than 192 class c. Otherwise my files will travel over the internet , which I DON'T want and it will be pathetically slow.

My problem is knowing what to set up in my router if I must put it back in the loop if I should follow your instructions.

Yes as I mentioned before I can assign each port to a different subnet and ip address. According to Freenas gui setup page, I MUST since I get an error otherwise saying basically " another nic is already using this ip address/same subnet"

But again, I don't know how to make it to where my wife's pc can also communicate fully with the 5TB connected to the Freenas pc regardless. I've read the documentation 4 times and it doesn't say jack crap about how I can resolve this problem.