FreeNas 9.3 and E-mail service

I just noticed that my server is not able to connect to the internet!
I am now totally lost, I need a break from this

Did you configure the network manually or use dhcp? I'd use dhcp and set a static ip on the dhcp server (probably your router) otherwise have a look at your network settings in freenas and make sure you've configured a gateway (it might even have dns options here, so either use your router or google or whatever you like).

The internet won't work until you get dns working too, so it could just be that.

My ADSL modem/Router has a IP address as :
This is then connected to my router which is:
I then have a 1GB switch attached which is:

The FreeNas server is

Why I am giving you this is because when I tried to use to my ADSL router it could not be found.
Yet I am able to get to the Internet I suspect that the FreeNas server is doing something here. I defined the
IPv4 Default Gateway: to .

I'm not sure why you can't access your router, but the internet won't work on your freenas server until you get dns working.

Thank you for all of your help it is much appreciated

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