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FreeNAS 11 - so far, so good


I haven't made it to far, but just moving from 9.10-Nightlies to 9.11 doesn't take 4 hours to install anymore. I'll keep updating this as I move through the experience.

Importing volumes...wheeee


I am still running a relatively outdated version of FreeNAS because the last time I updated it took a very long time, and put me out of action for longer than I was happy about. You just reminded me that I should probably get to that, but I can't stop thinking about "muh uptime."


Does this one have vbox of bhyve support??


careful not to use corral or container functionality if that's the version I think it is.


I was playing around with the VM functionality. Not firing up. I'll poke at it some more with a pointy stick. Thinking I might be better off switching to Linux, and importing volumes?

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Sweet. Looks like the non corral one that adds vm support proper. Maybe.


Gosh I hope they will add vm support soon so I can get away from corral...


Wendell do you still favor VMs or have you been working with conatiners more? Any preference?


Updated today from 10 to 11 Stable. Initial reboot took longer than I expected but the update turned out alright and is working fine now.


Do you have any VMs running? Mine will not start. I'm going to double check my configuration and bios settings, but I do not think that's the issue.


No real preference. Jails are great for stuff that works in a jail.


Do not want to derial thread but checkout SmartOS when you can might be worth a video on the linux channel.


Wahoo! At least I got one to start, but....

Noticed some odd stuff. Whatever is in the top position doesn't really want to start, but it does pull a VNC port. The second position starts and stops as expected. Both VMs depicted have the exact same configuration.

I'm an idiot, so the second question:

Does anyone have any idea how to connect to these things? Reading through the How To linked below, it references a "Serial Console", but I'm not sure what this means in this context. I'm pretty new to this stuff, so a crash course, more direction, video or posts would be much appreciated!

Looked at:
This Post
How To

Per the How To, I did validate my hardware is good-to-go.


This is good news for me. 10 has been alright but every now and then my machines loose access to the CIF and I have to reboot 10.


I found the templates left over from Corral, which seem to be working (original post). Still don't know how to connect to them.


I've let these run for almost a whole day to see if they would stay up. They have. It sounds like there some elements missing from the instruction set. Reading through the VMs section on the FreeNAS 11 doc, I shows you how to setup the VM in the GUI, but there a huge hunk-o-shtuff missing.

Looks like I'm going to have to figure out how bhyve works on my own, cut my own scripts, and let this rip on my own.

It's a tease.

If this doesn't work, I guess I'm taking a whack at PROXMOX?


After poking around with the FreeNAS Container/VM situation,I made an executive decision. I'm going to try ProxMox instead of FreeNAS. I started thinking and it came down to either an easier time managing disks or VMs/Containers.

I've already learned a lot, but there's much more to learn. I have 6 ports on my rig, so it was a case of port roulette. And I was confounded why I couldn't log into the damn ProxMox portal....https:// #facepalm# (where's face palm???) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I've got it up and running. Next, I'm going to try and import my ZFS stuff from FreeNAS. I'm kinda hanging out in the breeze here. Want to get this safety net in place. I have few other servers to sort out if this goes half-way decent. I need to look up some ZFS routines and schedule them along with some snap-shotting. Not as easy as FreeNAS, but I think it's worth the tradeoff......unless there's part of the control panel I'm missing?


What an unmitigated disaster. I collected parts and put a server together just for freenas and I am so disappointed. I installed Corral and really liked it. Freenas 11 is not for me. I think is user interface is dreadful. Might just install proxmox on it and add it to my proxmox cluster.


This seems to be completely contrary to everyone else.

Yes, the freenas 9/freenas 11 UI is a bit ugly, but it's definitely better than corral when it comes to functionality and not breaking.

Just give 9.10 a try, I think you'll like it if you're the kind of person who values form over function.

I'm upgrading 9.10 to 11-RC today, here's hoping nothing explodes!


I'm trying to be patient and hold off on doing anything drastic. I have looked into other distros and haven't seen anything i liked. I wanted to set up a NAS mainly to use as storage for my security cameras. I was interested in setting up a plex server as well. I installed 11-RC from ISO after multiple attempts because the upgrade from Corral went badly.