Freely availible shows to watch?

I'm currently bouncing around allot and don't always have access to an internet connection so, but can use Flashgot to pull almost any video off any site for offline viewing.


So what shows would you recommend aside from The Tek, Inbox.exe and WASD obviously.

I was a big fan of The Leet World and am glad to see they are bringing it back.

Recommendations don't have to be tech or gamer culture stuff, I'll take recommendations for just bout anything.

I saw some ad with WWE being free for a month.

WWE? A little too "bear" for my liking.


So anything else? I can only read so much...

Here are some Youtube channels with some shows. I tried my best to put them in to categories. The names are hyperlinks but are not colored as they should be? 




How to/Tutorials/DIY


Video Games


YouTube shorts/series/VFX

Now thats more like it! Seems though that Man At Arms has gone downhill in the new season.

Just to add to a good list !

  • maddox *satirist
  • nurdrage *chemistry
  • cracked *comedy
  • matt santoro *does some entertaining top 10's imo
  • Sixty symbols * chemistry and physics
  • Psychicpebbles *if you like oneyNG you'll like Zach as well. there you got more

The only semi reliable access to the internet I have currently is the wifi at a university, I don't have a VPN and proxy services like HideMyAss are unable to get through their filters. Even sites like geekologie got blocked the 2nd day I tried to access them, currently it seems that youtube and vimeo are the only video hosts I've tried that I'm able to consistently have access to.

At least the line is fast so long as I keep the number of concurrent connections at no more then 3, any more then that and I get throttled from 20Mbit down to around 100Kbit...

nope, can't even access any of the torrent sites, even through a non browser based torrent searching program to even get a hold of a torrent. The connection gets reset if I open too many IRC rooms on via Pidgin.

you should look for some shows that are in the public-domain like

then you don't need to Hide your ass. and you can watch some of the classics. Culture BOO YA!

Yeah, I had grabbed a bunch of pre-code era movies from For those that don't know, pre-code refers to movies made before the MPAA was created to ban all of the interesting subjects from movies, the movies from the era before that are much better then those that came after the code came into effect as they didn't have to chop up the films to make them fit the twisted morality of the religious nuts that started the MPAA.