FreeBSD or FreeNas for Streaming Server

This question is probably for Wendell or Qian ( l Love that name.. lol.. ).. 

I am building a Two PC in ONE Pelican case build.. thats right, two independent systems in one case with a 21:9 LG 25" monitor in the Lid.. One PC is powered by a I7-4790K and an AMD 285 for gaming.. the other is powered by a I7-5820K and an AMD 285 for video editing and possibly streaming.. if I decide not to keep it in the Pelican, and turn it into a desktop setup, I have the option of using a third Low-budget AMD 5350 APU system as a server..

1) should i stream from the 4790k to the 5820K or to the AMD 5350, and then send it to Hitbox, TwitchTV, and YouBoob?

2) if i use the AMD 5350 as a server, should I use FreeNAS and use a Virtual Machine or use FreeBSD and use a Jail??  **(correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't the Jail be more secure than the virtual machine?)**

3) can you please do a tutorial on how to set up a freeBSD server with a vpn to the net?

4) can i use OpenVPN on a freeBSD server? which vpn can you recommend?






The best way to accomplish having a server use a VPN to access the net would likely be using pfSense (or OpenWRT if thats more convenient for you) to allow everything on your network to access the net that way. That way you don't have to fight with 74 different client side software installations for the VPN.

As far as virtual machines vs jails, a virtual machine is (I think; Wendell/Logan/Qain may know something I don't about this) more secure than a jail but probably not enough to matter for your use. If VPS providers like Digital Ocean use container virtualization, I think it's okay :P If it matters though, you CAN run a full virtual machine on BSD. You can get the KVM hypervisor to do that.

the way i understand the difference is, a virtual machine has a copy of a system.. whereas a jail is where you put a service or a process (like a web server, or email program, etc.) and each jail shares one system.. if someone gets into a webserver in a virtual machine, the entire virtual machine is ruined.. but if a jail gets infected, the jail keeps the intruder in the jail and it doesnt affect the rest of the system.. Wendell or Qain can let me know if i understand that properly, but thats what I got from my reading.. IMO I think Digital Ocean uses virtual machines because they arent as hard to keep up.. from my reading, jails can be a pain in the butt when they get out of hand, but the security supposedly makes the work worth the hassle..

thanks and keep the conversation coming..


Also, AFAIK, FreeNAS is built on FreeBSD. 

Run a Linux based Streaming/editing rig. Make the Filesystem a BTRFS for / and EXT4 for /home.

OpenSuse is a good option there. 

the ultimate goal is to stream my content from my gaming pc to the server, then out to twitch and youtube.. i am not crazy about the idea of using linux because my editing program (Sony Vegas Platinum) is a windows program and i have not found a suitable alternative.. i tried using Lightworks and it is horrendously complicated for me.. 

Unless you are using the streaming machine as a NAS also, just go FreeBSD. It's a bit more hands on, but if all you're going to do with FreeNAS is make jails for streaming and other stuff, it doesn't seem like FreeNAS is the right tool for the job.