FreeBSD -Gnome Issue

when trying to launch gnome-shell I get this message.

(gnome-shell :1882): Clutter-CRITICAL **: Unable to initialize Clutter: Unable to open display. You have to set the DISPLAY environment variable, or use the --display command line argument+ freebsd
(gnome-shell:75666): mutter-WARNING **: Unable to initalize Clutter

I installed gnome using - pkg install gnome3

Dose anyone have an idea of what I need to do?

Try running export DISPLAY=:0 before starting GNOME.

The command export wasn’t found.

What shell are you running? The error message tells you to set the DISPLAY variable, maybe it’s done differently on FreeBSD?

Yes I installed the image myself.

setenv DISPLAY 0

Well it’s an improvement…

(gnome-shell:841): Clutter-CRITICAL **: Unable to initialize Clutter: Unable to open display ‘0’
(gnome-shell:841): mutter-WARNING **: Unable to initialize Clutter.

IIRC out of the box freebsd uses the ctsh/tsh csh/tcsh shell(s).

Do you have a link?

Found it.

Also the default shell is tcsh. (I had them backwards earilier)

@pFtpr the reason your command didn’t work is because thats for bash, not freebsd’s shell.

Try this
setenv DISPLAY :0

Did literately nothing

Which login manager do you use?


You mean gdm?

That’s why I asked the OP which shell was being used :wink:

Did you put:
Into /etc/rc.conf ?

Also, try doing:
pkg install xorg

Also, what graphics card are you using? AMD and Intel drivers in FreeBSD 11.1 don’t support AMD R9-2**+ or Intel 4***+ integrated graphics IIRC.

Yes I have.

GPU: Integrated Intel HD 2000 graphics
MXM 3.0 version: Type A

Tried it on a different PC works fine.

Thanks for all the help though