Freebie: Leftover Steam Coupons

I have 3 coupons from the Steam sale that I will not use prior to their expiration date (3/1/12). They are free to anyone who wants them on the condition that you promise that you will use them. The coupons are:

1) 25% off any Valve game on Steam

2) 25% off any Valve game on Steam

[s]3) 50% off Grid on Steam[/s] Given away to Masskilla

If you want them message me via Steam.

I've got loads as well. In fact I've got 15 coupons altogether.

I've got a copy of Portal 1 if anyone would like to trade me something

I have a 50% off Valve Coupon....

I'd be willing to trade for that copy of Portal 1.

yo bro can I has the 25% off? Add me

ESD | Joker

These are no longer valid.

You scab :D

How do you get coupons? I have several accounts with time played and not a single coupon.

It was only during the last Christmas steam sale.

Damn. I already own every Valve game...

if you want ill take some :P


wow, really?

just... you've got to be kidding me

ressurection = succesful