Free Youtube Intro's? or Outro's

Hey guys basically has anyone make Free Youtube Intro's? or Outro's 



Windows live has the movie maker built in if your running windows that is ? 

I have sony vegas but i dont have time to learn the system and im not creative

Learn to do them yourself? You'll learn a thing or two about video editing, motion graphics etc.

as i said ^^^ with school i have like no time to learn:( im learning code

Windows Live Movie Maker has simple left in right in bottom up swirls ECT if your just after a basic intro 

Download this:

Watch this:


where can i get that for free?

TPB or you can use the trial version

are all features unlocked with the trial

A friend of mine does graphics design as a hobby and he made mine. It's pretty awesome.


Yes you should read the page before asking



@Brucevilanch    ask if he will do one for me?

okay, what are you looking for in one?

If you could ask your friend for me too. I do need one for my gaming channel. Something brutal and professional I guess with the colors of dark green, white, and black/charcoal. Im not as creative when it comes to drawing and designing. I like Halo and Mass effect if that helps.

I'll see what I can do. this is the one he made me.

i would like to talk to the guy myself rather than chinese whispers with my thoughts haha

Thanks also my Youtube name is Jetixguy.

let me see if he would actually be in to making it for you guys