Free week of star citizen

use the code


to fly for free through the 31st.
this is a public code provided by Logante for RSI at QuakeCon. click the green thingy on top



Thanks dude! Wasn't about to pay 300 dollars for alpha entrance to this game.

keep in mind, this is more of a trial. and it doesn't cost $300, only like $45

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Yea i know, Im just poking fun at Pledge Ships I saw. I heard you can work your way and purchase any of those ships for in game credits.

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Good stuff. Thanks

Can anyone review what's out there right now? I cant fix my damaged power supply... For reasons that I won't post here.

at this point, it's still in fairly early alpha. so far, there's the hangars, and there's arena commander, which is a closed arena. arena commander is just a way for the devs to give players a way to test and play in a controlled environment, as opposed to an open world.
logante did say that the FPS module should be coming out soon.

Not a ship that is 300 dollars to begin with would be nice. I may check this out, RSI is under scrutiny at the moment and getting calls from not happy people.

Hello guys, I just registered an account with the above code, but I cannot login. So I changed the password, but even with the new one it says they my login credentials are wrong. Did that happened to someone else?

(I confirmed my account through the email already)

uhhh... baseline is $45

Baseline is 45. To really start to do anything, or get fancy things. More payment is required. Also those game packages are ridiculous. Yeah I realize each package might have a lot of ships, but I will never spend 2000 dollars on a game.

Also given he is calling donations pledges now. He is subject to scrutiny and that is what I am talking about when I mention, not happy people giving him calls. Pledge (Law) A thing that is given as security for the fulfillment of a
contract or the payment of a debt and is liable to forfeiture in the
event of failure.

My whole problem with the game is he keeps backing down on his promises and making it greater and greater boasts about what it will be. Awesome it should have released the game in full, if not one of the modules by now with 85 million.

I don't understand why the entire games industry has such a hard on for this. It won't be the greatest game ever, and no one is going to have the kind of cash being asked for. Shit Eve is cheaper to play. I might put this reply as a different topic, this for me has been bubbling under the surface for awhile.

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When the game launches you can simply spacejack a ship that someone else bought for $2500.
There is absolutely no point in spending over $45 for the game unless you feel like it.

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That's awful to even think on. NO protections to a ship you own for that amount of money. ooof.

The arena mode doesn't seem to like coming out of the loading screen for me
I'll let it set a minute
So far all I've done is look at the ship
None of the maps that are in the flight modes wanna get out of the loading screen
But hitting start or escape makes the game sound start
Tabbing in and out doesn't help ether
My cpu stays at 90%
The whole time tho
Only thing I can do is alt f4
Or tab out
Never seen anything past this screen

25gb btw

Most packages come with insurance, which I assume starts with the PU module.

Also, money is not time. We technically already have 2/6 modules playable, and while in terms of gametime they may seem small, they have a huge effect on the progress of other modules - for the Hangar, you need all the FP and movement characteristics to be implemented, and in turn that means less work when it comes to the FPS module. The main components implemented are the game mechanics, and when the FPS module is released in the next couple of months, most of those major gameplay mechanics will be out of the way while they work on the content (PU, S42, PS). I think they have design and content under control, at least from reading the monthly reports.

I think the 2016 release year is still very possible.


Thanks for the info. A friend wanted to try this, he will be really happy to use this trial.

Then spend $45 and enjoy your $15 off of a game that'll cost $60 WITHOUT a ship. Not to mention the three months insurance and 1,000 UEC.

That ship is a steal, you'll get beta access (due the end of 2015, but I'd expect mid 2016), and everything. You can watch the game progress and guess what? If you don't like it (for whatever reason) there's a lot worse then losing $45 on a game. I've easily lost $175 on my PC already lol.

it still takes time to do it right, which is what they're doing. I don't think you understand how game development works. they're starting with the foundation, and working their way up.
every ship that can be bought, will be obtainable in-game. that's how it works.

i also don't think you understand how much people put into EvE. they'll buy plex after plex... so that they can buy a titan worth about $2000 irl.
don't like the risk of loosing your ship? well, that's what makes the game fun. the fact that you can actually lose stuff.

Good old DLC Preorder Season Pass Exclusive (gameplay) cosmetics entanglement.

Could've been avoided if people who knew the devs personally would invest in the game and not random strangers who think it's a good idea to donate basically so much money to a very early access project. I really think preordering is bad business and should go away from this industry. I am pro giving to a cause but not to an unfinished product. Where's Freelancer 2? I'd give Chris Roberts all my money for nothing (I don't care about ships, just the SP part of the game) if he had finished freelancer before working on this.

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