Free Video Editing Software

(Not sure if this qualifies as "Open Source" but I cant think of a better spot for it)

I am looking for some video editing software so I can make some YouTube videos. It has to be ether free, or fairly cheep, as I have no income.

Any suggestions?

Windows movie maker is free. Not sure what else is out there that is free.

Eh, I would prefer to stay away from that if possible.


movie maker 2.6 (not the stock one in win7, not live, haven't seen the lastest so i can't say for sure, 2.6 back when it was halfway decent)

or keep redownloading premier/vegas trials

virtualdub/  (AVI/DVIX)

virtualdubmod/ (AVI/DVIX/H264)

Hm. I suppose.


Hm, i will give that a try


Hm, im thinking about just "Obtaining" Speed Edit.

Openshot, KDEnlive, ... especially Openshot in the latest version is quite good.

Openshot looks like it will work, Ill give it a shot. KDEnlive looks good aswell. Thanks.

EDIT: Oh, darn, they dont work with Windows.

Blender is pretty good


openshot should be coming to windows later this year, not the best for something you need right now, but something to keep an eye on

Oh, I didnt even think to look at that. Thanks

What about lightworks? They even want to make the code open source (it is not OS, yet!) eventually.

I also had good experience with blender.

something closer to SONY VEGAS PRO ?


thank you

kdenlive, I have used it on occasion. Works amazingly well!