Free Video Converter

I am looking for a good (trustworthy) app for my PC that can convert .avi to .3gp (or any other format that my android 4.1.2 phone can read).

I personally like using a program called Aimersoft, I believe it has a trial you can download, but it is still free if you look in the right places. I like it because of its simplicity of drag a video into the program and it asks you what you want to do with it. You can rip the sound from the video, you can do slight editing (nothing too major). But if you want to be within the realm of the truths WindowsMovieMaker has a converter in their software you can use, its free too. 


Windows Movie maker -

Try "freemake video converter". Its a really good program for converting most file types to whatever you want. If what you want isnt on the program its probably too specific but im sure it does anyway.

Link here anyway:


Thanks for the replies guys.

I went with freemake, because I would like to use it more time than the trial period and I do not want to use the windows version, but thanks to both, it is always nice to have some choice.


I use Handbrake to convert my movies, it's free and very simple to use and there are different presets to download for everything you would like to convert.

+1 on Handbrake, very easy to use and can convert many video types.